Education is the Key to a Positive Birth Experience...
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*Note: IPPA is the only encapsulation certification that requires your latest STI blood work BEFORE we can encapsulate your placenta. This is for your safety and protection and is kept strictly confidential. By us requiring this - you can be assured that our equipment has not been used on any HIV or Hep B positive clients.
   If you have HIV or Hep B and they will still release your placenta, we can still encapsulate your placenta. It must be done in your own home, with your equipment but you can still enjoy the benefits of encapsulation.

You and your Placenta are in good hands...
  • We have attended a 3 day IPPA (Full Circle) Placenta Encapsulation workshop.
  • We have completed and passed the Biologix Blood Born Pathogen Course & Test.
  • We have completed the workshop test and read all placenta materials provided.
  • We have performed placenta encapsulations under guidance and have had parental reviews turned in to IPPA(Full Circle).
  • We have completed  the California Food Safety and Handling Course and have a current card.
  • We must also complete an online review course every 3 years.

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After looking into several Placenta certifications, I chose to become certified with Full Circle Encapsulation because of how detailed and complete the course was. Too many women are encapsulating placentas after learning how from You Tube videos. I hope this practice stops in our birthing community as it is simply not safe for the consumer. You only have one placenta from this baby and making sure it is safe to ingest is critical. I now work with 3 other encapsulators who are all certified with IPPA(formerly Full Circle) - ensuring that you always have a qualified woman picking up/dropping off or encapsulating the safest way.

   A placenta that is to be ingested needs to be handled properly at all times. The placenta may not be safe if others have handled it and OSHA standards should always apply when encapsulating it.

   Some hospitals regard placentas as medical waste and therefore treat it as such. Once we became aware of what can happen to your placenta under such circumstances, we felt that good education was key to making your encapsulation as safe a process as possible. 

   Whether we encapsulate your placenta or someone else, please be sure that their training is in place and you are not just going with them because it's $100.00 less than everyone else is charging. Your health is worth more than that.

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