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My Doula Services/Fees...

 At the Birth Education Center we have a FREE doula matching program. Here is the link to our questionnaire to see what you are looking for in a doula and then we can send you three names that would be a good fit! We have wonderful women in our birth community and the right doula is waiting to assist you with whatever you need...

Care's Doula Services and Fees

Care's Doula fee is $1500.00
$700.00 of fee is non-refundable and is due upon signing of contract. I will accept payments for the rest and am open to working with any special circumstances you may have. I feel every woman deserves a doula - I was so grateful I had one during my pregnancy.

Pre-Birth Services
I interview for no cost, as I know it is a big decision, and you will be meeting with several women.  If you choose me, we will set up another face-to-face meeting to sign the contract and collect the deposit. We will also discuss your needs in regards to your birthing place, labor support, birth plan, who will or will not be attending your baby's birth.

With my services you will receive the following before birth -
  • Consultation – An interview to see if I can help meet your birthing goals and to decide if we will work well together.
  • 2 prenatal visits -one at contract signing and a followup before birthing time
  • I am happy to accompany you to a prenatal visit with your care provider if you wish
  • Follow-up on your Hypnosis and relaxation, I also offer a relaxation session at one of your prenatal visits if you wish
  • Help with your Birth Preferences and answers to any questions regarding putting one in place
  • Personalized list of what to take to your birthing place
  • Demonstration of labor positions and a "labor practice" so you'll know what to do when it happens
  • 24/7 email and phone support
  • Review plans for AFTER baby is home to make sure that you have support in place, some meals in the freezer etc.
  • Review of the importance of hydration and nutrition during labor
  • Practice toning exercises to help your body function better during labor
  • I can come to your home during early labor if you need me to help establish a routine or I can meet you at the birthing place - completely your call, I come when you need me

the birth -
   I will be there for whatever you need. If you don't want me to leave your side - I won't. If you want some private time with your birth companion, I'll step out. I will help remind you to drink your water(hydration is key during labor) and I will also help you to the bathroom to empty out that water so baby doesn't get hung up on a full bladder!
I  keep your birth companion involved(as he/she feels comfortable with) and really step back so he/she can be there to comfort you. This is their baby too and they want to be part of the scene. I should be background noise unless you request me to move in and help. I will anticipate both of your needs and look for ways to assist throughout the process. I am both of your support, not a replacement for those who love and care about you.
  I am ok with all bodily fluids(ie:vomit, loose bowels, urine etc. - very hard to offend my senses, so no worries) and I don't get embarrassed if you chose to labor fully naked when you are hot. I will keep the wet wash cloths coming and keep you as relaxed as possible. You are the boss and I am there to support all of your choices. This is your birth and I am there for you.
   I am also there for your birth companion when he/she needs a little sleep or food from the cafeteria(they must get their needs met so they can be there fully for you) or if they have to step out to make phone calls to friends and family.
   My job is also to set the stage for a positive tone between us and your care providers. Everything should be zen and relaxed in order for your birth to go smoothly and to shorten your labor. I tend to spoil nurses and midwives with treats - we are all on the same team and we want what's best for you and your baby. I will help interpret any unfamiliar lingo your care providers may bring into your birth. Nurses are very willing to explain if we just communicate that to them.
   If you want music, aromatherapy, affirmations or scripts played or read - I will ensure that takes place(the only exception would be the care giver not allowing it). I will help you with different birth positions for comfort and to keep baby moving down into the birth path. You direct the scene and I support you and your companion to have the birth that you want. I am open to taking pictures for you after the birth if you wish(if you really want the best photographer in town to do your birth story - see the resource list). This is your special day. This is your only chance to birth this baby and I want it to be as wonderful as you do.

After the birth -
I usually stay 1 - 2 hours after your birth to make sure that you are all settled in and your needs are being seen to by your care provider. I also want to make sure a meal is on its way if you want to eat. I can offer assistance with breastfeeding, although usually the nurses and midwives would like to do that on their turf and I respect that. I am available for questions once you get home and if we can't resolve the issue I have several wonderful women that can assist.
  I do one postpartum visit, usually 1 week to 10 days after the baby is born - you call me when you are ready. I can come earlier if you need me. I will help you with any infant care questions and baby holding if you need to catch a nap or simply shower! We will go over your birth and talk about how it went and any unresolved feelings you or your partner may have. I want to make sure that you are healing well physically and coping well emotionally when I come. There are lots of changes when baby is finally home! I am still available for my mom's via phone or email for two weeks after birth.

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