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Ways to Encapsulate or Preserve your Placenta

There are several forms your placenta can be preserved for use: Capsules, Tinctures, Salves and raw frozen bits.


**Steamed but nothing added to the water is what most moms opt for...see below

The process for capsules in a nutshell is: Placenta is rinsed, blood drained from it. Cord and bag cutoff, steamed(with or without herbs) dehydrated and ground into powder for capsules.

RAW method This means that your placenta will NOT be steamed before dehydration. It is dehydrated after it has been cleaned and bled. I hear the same responses from mamas with both methods so I cannot say which one is better.

TCM Traditional Chinese Method(inspired) The basic concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine

One of the major assumptions inherent in traditional Chinese Medicine is that disease is due to internal imbalances of Yin and yang; therefore, disease can be treated by correcting the Yin Yang imbalance, thereby returning the body to a healthy state. The Chinese assume that the body is whole, and each part of it is intimately connected.

The Balance of Nature

The Chinese believes that health is achieved, and disease prevented, by maintaining the body in a ‘balanced state'. This concept was applied to both individual and society. Placenta has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine to balance out the body after birth. In fact, it is also regularly given for all forms of depression in both men and women. It replaces our modern anti-depressants such as Prozac or Zoloft.

Preparation Method: Placenta is steamed with fresh Lemon, Ginger and dried Cayenne peppers in the water. NOTHING touches your placenta. Discouraged if you have allergies to any of these ingredients. Some acupuncturists feel this is too warming for the new mother’s system and encourage the next method.

**Steamed but nothing added to the water:  This method still steams your placenta without any additives just in case they didn’t work for you well. We only get one shot with this placenta so this method is PURE YOU and nothing else. This is opted for most often. Mothers will add warming teas to their diet if they want to correct any imbalances. 


A Tincture is where a small piece of placenta is preserved in 100 to 150 proof alcohol for 6 weeks postpartum. It can be used to balance hormones of the mother, helping with heavy periods, used for teething and separation anxiety for her child and can help in menopause for hormone replacement. Dosage suggestions are on the dropper bottle.


Salves are quite popular now. After your placenta has been dehydrated and ground into powder, some of it is infused into the cream for even more uses. Salve can be used for sore and dry nipples(not meant for ingestion - topical use only), treatment to soothe hemorrhoids or perineal repair after birth. I have mamas use it for burns and diaper rash as well as  for use on a belly birth scar(after it has closed) to aid in the recovery of the tissue. The healing properties of your placenta are amazing.

Raw bits:

Some mamas choose a few days of raw bits to either add to smoothies or swig with apple juice. These bits are tiny – abt the size of your pinky fingernail. They are cut off the placenta before steaming and flash frozen. They stay in the freezer until you are ready to use them. Mamas usually take these first and then begin the pills. Some also use them just for a morning smoothie once they return home for a week or two postpartum. I will include up to 7 days for no additional cost.

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