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About Christal...
Christal Quick - CHBE, CD(DONA), Rebozo Certified

I’ve been so fortunate to grow up surrounded by strong and resilient women (and men too!) who believe that birth is a natural process and not something to be afraid of. I was always told it was hard work, but the most rewarding hard work I’d ever do. All the women in my family gave birth at home with midwives and so I just figured that’s how it’s done. When my turn came I decided I wanted to have an unmedicated, natural birth, but I wasn’t quite ready for a home birth. I decided on a birth center near Portland, OR and starting preparing for what would become one of the best days of my life. My oldest son arrived on a hot September day and changed my world forever. His birth was incredibly empowering for me as a young woman and although it was hard work I managed to breathe deeply and stay present with the sensations that ebbed and flowed and swept over me like giant waves. Since that day, I’ve had two more wild and wonderful boys – Yes, I’m totally outnumbered at my house! – and I’ve found this amazing path as a doula and Hypnobirthing Practitioner.

My passion is working with women and their partners to facilitate an empowering birth experience.  My philosophy is that birthing is a very natural, intuitive process and our bodies can be trusted. A woman’s body and her baby work together during birth in an intricate biological dance and much of the mama’s work is to relax and let go and surrender to this process. The goal is to create a safe, loving, and supportive space for this to unfold and I have personally witnessed many, many times how beautifully Hypnobirthing helps to foster this ideal birthing environment.

Teaching Hypnobirthing classes and attending births as a doula is more than a profession to me, it’s an absolute honor. Every birth is a miracle and I never cease to be inspired by the courage of mothers, the tenderness of fathers and the sweet, round, wrinkled delicious babies at the end of it all! I’m so deeply grateful that I get to do this work and I'm very happy to be working with The Birth Education Center to share Hypnobirthing with our wonderful San Diego families!
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